What is Rising Reign?

Rising Reign is a high fantasy role-playing game with rogue-like elements. Most content is procedurally generated during world construction. Instead of having a linear, set-in-stone narrative, the world of Rising Reign will come alive through the interactions that take place between all of the NPCs. Like many other games that use procedural generation, Rising Reign will have to build its world before gameplay begins.

During world construction, centuries of history will be simulated. The story builds itself out of the compounding consequences that arise from NPCs simply going about their daily business and pursuing their life goals throughout the course of history. If the player discovers a plot to extort a village for gold, it will have happened because the conspirators have determined that the benefits of doing so outweigh the risks involved.

This philosophy of emergent complexity is applied extensively throughout the design of Rising Reign, not only with regard to the story. Merchant prices will fluctuate with the in-game economy, while dialogue will unfold in an organic style with conversation participants entering or exiting at will. Even certain aspects of magic will be governed by mysterious laws which the NPCs themselves will be speculative of.

Current Development and

the Future...

Development of Rising Reign is undertaken by a small team. Currently, our primary focus is the design of a new engine for the game that we call Nightfall. We use C++ and SFML. If you wouldlike to see a more detailed list of current features in development, check out the news feed. Below is a list of features that are planned to be included in the final release of the game.

Comprehensive World Generation, including:
Fantastic Landscapes formed by both celestial terraforming and natural tectonics and erosion.
Rich History and Lore arising from interaction between characters throughout the centuries before the player's entry into the game.
Vast Cosmos spanning numerous planes of existence, each infinite in their own right.

Local, Global, Universal, and Multiversal Scale Perspectives will provide a coherent representation of the entire game world.

Advanced Socio-Political Simulations stemming from complex character interactions.

Engaging, Dynamic Dialogue which will allow for conversations to develop organically amongst all characters in a given proximity based on numerous social aspects.

Crafting Professions which will involve active input from the player in the form of mini-games.


Who is Rising Reign?

Pierce Brooks - Lead Programming
Jeff Busch - Web Development
Kory Byrne - Programming
Brandon Eck - Lead Art
Amalie Kettering - Design

Past Contributors

James Albracht - Music
Will Kosan - Art
Ian McQueen - Programming and Design
Michael Rasicci - Programming
Edward Runkel - Programming