Hello, World (Creation)!

Author: Kory Byrne - Date: 8/7/2017

     Hey all, with Summer rolling down and development speeding up to make it to GDEX, we thought this would be a good time to post an update on what we've been doing. First off, there's a new team member! Kory Byrne (me) has been working with Pierce for awhile now on different projects, and has finally committed to working on Rising Reign. So far, I've been fixing the collision detection system, and will soon start work on updating the physics system of the game. I will mostly be in charge of the combat system, with Pierce working on the procedural generation of content.

     Speaking of, he has been hard at work this summer finishing up the engine, finalizing the plate tectonics for world creation, building a graph-based system to store the terrain data, and creating a system to generate textures for common game entities (think alien creatures, plants, ground textures, etc.). Our goal is to port the old Rising Reign into the new engine and fit all of these systems together to have a world created in time for GDEX to show off! We hope to see you all there!