Demonym Generator

Demonyms are labels for citizens of different places. For instance, people from Europe are called Europeans. In preparation for the multitude of cultures that will be present in the worlds of Rising Reign, we have designed a procedure for creating demonyms of any place. While not all cases are perfectly representative of real life, we feel that it is general-purpose enough for the dynamic nature of the content in Rising Reign.

Language Generation

This sample generator will translate any sentence into any language from the "language space" of Rising Reign. Input sentences are not required to be written in any particular real language, and there is an effectively infinite number of languages which can be generated and used for translation. Words which are similar will tend to have similar translations.

Plate Tectonics

The worlds of Rising Reign are created using the geologic principles of plate tectonics and mantle convection. Gameplay will begin after millions of years of complex planetary simulation. We will soon be publishing a video that explains some of the details of this process. This feature is currently under heavy development.
Plate Tectonics